Shutdown of Black Market Clinics in Dominican Republic

The public Ministry of Health in the Dominican Republic recently shut down 11 illegal black-market medical centers in different parts of the country in violation of Law 42-0 and regulation number 11-38 and 11-03.

The clinics that were closed performed various aesthetic procedures as well as hair transplant procedures. Some of these clinics had personnel that were foreigners and had no permits or authorization from the Ministry of Health in the Dominican Republic to perform these procedures. The Ministry of Health advised that they will be actively monitoring this situation.

The video above was broadcast on the local news.

In another video broadcast on November 10, 2022, Dr. Maricarmen Morales was interviewed on local news also discussing the black market in the Dominican Republic.

The ISHRS launched the Fight the FIGHT campaign in 2019 to bring awareness to consumers about the growing risk to patients of unlicensed technicians performing substantial aspects of hair restoration surgery carried out worldwide.

The use of unlicensed technicians to perform aspects of hair restoration surgery, which should only be performed by a properly trained and licensed physician, places patients at risk of: (i) misdiagnosis; (ii) failure to diagnose hair disorders and related systemic diseases; and (iii) performance of unnecessary or ill-advised surgery all of which jeopardizes patient safety and outcomes. There may also be a risk that unlicensed technicians may not be covered by malpractice insurance.

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