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A Discussion on Fraudulent Hair Transplant Clinics in Hair Transplantation

Join us for a patient educational live stream on 11.11 on ISHRS 3rd Annual World Hair Transplant Repair Day. Interact and ask questions with hair transplant surgeons. Topic: A Discussion on Fraudulent Hair Transplant Clinics in Hair Transplantation Panelists: Bradley R. Wolf, MD, FISHRSPresident Ricardo Mejia, MD, FISHRSVice President Shady El-Maghraby, MD, MSc, FISHRSChair, ISHRS Fight the FIGHT Subcommittee Discussion …

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BAHRS Provides Guidance To Consumers on Hair Transplant Surgery in the UK

This article was Co-authored by Dr. Christopher D’Souza, President BAHRS, and Dr. Gregory Williams, BAHRS Vice President. As with everywhere in the world, hair transplant surgery is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. However, there is a lack of public awareness about who should do the various steps involved in this surgical procedure. Hair transplant surgeons should never delegate the …

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What Patients in the UK Should Beware of When Considering Hair Transplant Surgery

Watch the Live Stream Replay Help spread the message on all our channels! Live stream replay links: YouTube: Facebook: LinkedIN: Panelists: -Greg Williams, Moderator and Past Chair ISHRS Ethics Committee-Chris D’Souza, President BAHRS-Bessam Farjo, Past President ISHRS-Epameinondas Bonaros, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Scotland-Harry Wallop, Journalist and Broadcaster, UK For Discussion: -How patients can get reliable information and seek …

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Do You Know Who IS Actually Performing Your Hair Transplant Surgery

Watch the Replay Watch the replay of an ISHRS patient educational live stream hosted on January 11, 2023 in collaboration with the Australasian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery as part of the ISHRS Fight the FIGHT consumer awareness campaign on the unlicensed practice of medicine. Topic: Do you know who is actually performing your hair transplant? You will be able …

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Beware of Who Will Cut Your Scalp in a Hair Transplant – Live Stream Replay

WATCH THE REPLAY OF THE PATIENT EDUCATIONAL LIVE STREAM – 11.11 Share on Facebook: Share on LinkedIn: Share on YouTube: Discussion included: -What is the ISHRS Fight the FIGHT Campaign and why it was created?-What is a safe hair transplant surgery?-What points should a patient keep in mind when making a decision?-What should be the criteria for choosing the doctor?-What …

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