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A Discussion on Fraudulent Hair Transplant Clinics in Hair Transplantation

This patient educational live stream was recorded on 11.11 on ISHRS 3rd Annual World Hair Transplant Repair Day. Watch the Full Replay Topic: A Discussion on Fraudulent Hair Transplant Clinics in Hair Transplantation Learn more about Hair Transplant Repair Day and participating physicians here. Panelists: Bradley R. Wolf, MD, FISHRSPresident Ricardo Mejia, MD, FISHRSVice President Shady El-Maghraby, MD, MSc, FISHRSChair, …

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What Patients in the UK Should Beware of When Considering Hair Transplant Surgery

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-Greg Williams, Moderator and Past Chair ISHRS Ethics Committee
-Chris D’Souza, President BAHRS
-Bessam Farjo, Past President ISHRS
-Epameinondas Bonaros, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Scotland
-Harry Wallop, Journalist and Broadcaster, UK

For Discussion:

-How patients can get reliable information and seek ethical surgeons – ISHRS/BAHRS

-What is the definition of “Black Market”

-What are the benefits to patient in getting a hair transplant surgery

-What is the difference between cosmetic and medical hair transplant surgery

-What should patients in UK beware of when considering hair transplant surgery

-Harry Wallop, a prominent Journalist in the UK, shared his experience of going overseas for an investigative report

-What can be delegated to non-doctors

-What should patients expect from the doctor (and clinic) in terms of ethics

-What are the red flags in social media advertising

Plus a selection of patients shared their experiences at clinics where surgery is delegated to non-doctors.

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Beware of Who Will Cut Your Scalp in a Hair Transplant – Live Stream Replay

-What is the ISHRS Fight the FIGHT Campaign and why it was created?
-What is a safe hair transplant surgery?
-What points should a patient keep in mind when making a decision?
-What should be the criteria for choosing the doctor?
-What should the doctor be doing in the hair transplant surgery?
-What are the potential risks of the surgery?
-What steps various governments are taking to ensure patient safety?