Beware of The Risks

The dangers patients should be aware about if they do not do the proper research or seek a qualified doctor or clinic.

Lack of proper medical training, poor sterility of both the surgical instruments and the surgery room, and cross contamination risks can lead to serious infections which will damage hair follicles and cause scars.

Clinics that operate in factory type of environment are at risk of HIV Hepatitis cross contamination.

There is an art to proper design which is not known by an untrained individual. The following examples have violated the cardinal rules of aesthetic design which is supposed to make hair transplants happy.


A good postoperative result should look clean and be without significant yellow pus, drainage or erythema. Many patients will have scabs redness and occasional bleeding but should not be yellow and pus like.

Agressive Donor Over-Harvesting

4500 Grafts Harvested in a Single Session. This is an exhausted donor.

FUE Donor Overharvesting

This results from excising to many follicular units in one area and lack of knowledge of skin blood supply and overaggressive attempt to excise a lot of grafts in a short amount of time.

Visible Donor Scarring

Overharvesting and exessive trauma.

Irreversable Overharvesting

Utilizing one technique only and not having the ability to do Follicular unit transplant transplant in women can subject them to a massive amount of hair loss in the donor area and thinning which is irrecoverable.

Multiple Scars

These scars are due to punches too big and/or too close together. THESE ARE BAD RESULTS

Poor Growth

The picture below shows destroyed grafts caused by improper excision or handling or poor placement technique.  There are many factors that need to be controlled by a good doctor to assure proper growth.

Poor Hair Line Design / Unnatural Results

Improper direction and unnatural spacing.  

Improper Technique

Example of misdirection and improper technique in an eyebrow transplant.  

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