Beware of clinics Where no doctor is present

A patient of Dr. Francisco Jimenez, ISHRS President, shares his experience of traveling to Turkey for a hair transplant after seeing advertisements in Spain for low cost hair transplants. Listen to his story as he shares his experience and the fact that he never saw a doctor. He doesn’t even know who performed his surgery. Now, he is getting a repair from Dr. Jimenez to restore his natural hairline.

This is a testimonial of a patient operated in a clinic in Turkey. As the patient references, although the clinic he went to was highly advertised on internet and promised him excellent results, he did not see any doctors during his operation. This story tell us that, although there are excellent hair transplant surgeons and clinics in Turkey, there are also unethical surgeons and fraudulent clinics, so it is very important that patients do thorough research first on what doctor is going to operate on them.

Our Fight to FIGHT awareness campaign mission is to educate people who are looking to get a hair transplant to make the right decision. Take the time to do the research. We have many resources available to you such as our questions to ask before choosing a surgeon page. Let us know how we can help you.

Do you know someone that has been affected and is willing to share their story? You or your friends can opt to remain anonymous. Help to to combat the illicit hair transplants by unlicensed technicians all over the world.

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