Hair Transplant Story in Turkey

This young man went to a hair transplant in Turkey a year ago and shares his experience of his reulsts. The clinic promised him a certain amounts of grafts, PRP, a nice hotel and many other things that didn’t happen.

His main takeaway is “Do Your Research”. The ISHRS is a global non-profit whose core purpose is to improve the quality of life for people with hair loss. We launched our Fight the Fight Campaign to educate consumers on the unlicensed practice of medicine around the world. This is one of the various pages for resources and our geting started page to help you out.

If you or someone else you had a bad experience with a hair transplant, let us know. We want others to know what is happening out there with the unlicensed practice of medicine so they can get educated and make better decision when choosing their surgeon. As Luke said in the video, many reviews and social media posts are not real. Take your time to make the right choice.

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