Press Releases Related to The Black Market

August 15, 2022 – Second Annual “World Hair Transplant Repair Day” Aims to Help Victims of Hair Transplants from Fraudulent, Illicit Clinics

September 14, 2021 ISHRS Hosts First “World Hair Transplant Repair Day”, November 11, 2021.

November 1, 2019 ISHRS Launches Fight the FIGHT Public Awareness Campaign to Combat Fraudulent Hair Restoration Practices Worldwide

September 12, 2019 Warning From The Medical Board Of California: Hair Restoration Surgery Requires A Medical License

August 12, 2019 ISHRS Reminds Consumers Physician Training is Key to Successful Treatment Options

March 4, 2019 International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Launches Patient Awareness Campaign

January 11, 2017 International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Warns of Potential Serious Risk When Unlicensed Personnel Perform Hair Transplantation Surgery